General EPS Information

The European Project Semester trains students to work together, providing tools and competences to realise ideas in a real-world environment in close cooperation with local industry and organizations.

European Project Semester at the AP University College Antwerp

In a European Project Semester, students work together in an international team on a real-life project that matches their area of study and field of interest. We offer different EPS projects in the second semester (spring semester)

The language of communication is English. When the student successfully completes the EPS project, he/she is awarded 30 ECTS credits.

EPS is a cooperation between all departments & schools of arts at AP University College Antwerp.

Departments at AP University College of Antwerp:

Who can participate?

Students who are selected by their home university or university college to participate in the “regular Erasmus-program” are free to apply for an EPS project, in so far as their study backgrounds comply with the required profiles for the EPS projects they apply for.

As EPS projects focus on international teamwork, it is important that students have a solid academic background. Students should therefore have completed at least 4 semesters.

To be able to communicate effectively as a team member, students should also have proficient understanding of the English language. Students will be asked -in the application form- to provide information on their current proficiency in English and to send us their Erasmus+ OLS (Online Linguistic Support) test.

Projects are open for students with a study background in:

  • Product development
  • ICT-electronics and applied informatics
  • Teacher training (pre-primary, primary and/or secondary education)
  • Social work
  • Socio-educational Care work
  • Communication, Marketing, Product placement
  • Journalism
  • Business management
  • Engineering
  • Energy management
  • Graphical and digital / Multimedia design
  • Photography
  • Fine arts

English language level

The language of communication during the project is English. All literature is in English.

Therefore sufficient proficiency of the English language (B2) is strongly recommended to be able to communicate effectively as a team member.

How many ECTS credits do I get?

Students who would like to participate within the framework of the Erasmus programme, should make sure that the EPS will be acknowledged by their home university as part of their curriculum. The EPS counts for 30 ECTS credits, with project work amounting to 20 credits, the remaining 10 credits being covered by the other courses and activities. Students who participate in one of the projects will be evaluated on the project work and on the study programme courses including various assignments.

Artesis Plantijn Grading Scale compared to the ECTS scale:

Artesis Plantijn University College ECTS grade
18-19-20 A EXCELLENT
15-16-17 B VERY GOOD
13-14 C GOOD
8-9 FX FAIL (with possible deliberation)
0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 F  FAIL (no deliberation possibility)

Welcome Week: Dutch language course and Antwerp Culture

Erasmus students coming to AP for a study exchange or traineeship, also have the opportunity to get to know something about the Dutch language and Antwerp culture, with the aim of preparing for their Erasmus mobility period.

During the 4 days before the start of the semester, a Dutch Basic Language course (15 hours) will be organized in combination with cultural visits in Antwerp. This welcome week is highly recommended for all international students as it will facilitate your integration during your exchange period.

There is a contribution of maximum €40.00 for the cultural visits.

A Welcome Day is organized at the end of the week. During this day, which is mandatory for all students, you will receive a lot of practical information.

Please register in time, the deadline for submission for the 2nd semester is 1st November.

Timing and location

Start date 2nd semester
Welcome Week (not mandatory) Monday 29th January 2018 – Thursday 1st February 2018
Welcome Day (mandatory) Friday, 2nd February 2018
Start of programme Monday, 5th February 2018
Official end date Friday, 29th June 2018


Spring Break: Monday 12th February – Sunday 18th February, 2018 (1 week)

Easter Holiday: Monday 2nd April  – Sunday 15th April, 2018 (2 weeks) (Easter Monday: 2nd April 2018)

Other official holidays: Tuesday 1st May 2018, Thursday 10th May 2018 and Monday 21st May 2018

AP holidays (without prejudice): Monday 30th April 2018, Friday 11th May 2018


AP University College Antwerp

The EPS projects will be organized on different campuses in or near the city center of Antwerp.

Addresses will be communicated upon arrival.

Structure of the programme

The EPS projects consist of the following parts:

  • A number of short intensive courses, taught by different (international) lecturers, to support the project work (10 ECTS)
  • Project work by the participating students, with the aim of developing student initiative, individual creativity and entrepreneurial skills. Four to seven students work together in an international team on a specific (multidisciplinary) project while developing their cooperation and communication skills.  (20 ECTS)

The project prepares students to be part of a multi-context environment. The problems need to be solved irrespective of nationality and culture. This enhances on the one hand the amount of work to be delivered and on the other hand the quality of the project process and project results.

The following subjects are included in the study programme:

European Project Semester


Category 1: Project Work
This main category includes continuous project work in teams and the improvement of presentation skills during midterm and final presentations.
Category 2: Background of Antwerp, Flanders and Belgium 3
Category 3: Project Management, Entrepreneurship & innovation
– Project Management (1 ECTS)
– Entrepreneurial skills (1 ECTS)
– Cross media communication (1 ECTS)
– Digital innovation & usability (1 ECTS)
Category 4: Languages
– Dutch language course (basic) (1 ECTS)
– English @ work! (advanced) (2 ECTS)
Total ECTS EPS semester  30

*All courses and course descriptions are subject to changes at any time.