Spring semester 2017

Project 1: A sense of home in elderly care

Context? Elderly care homes are often seen as “last stops before you die”. For the elderly people that live there it is their home. But do they really feel at home? This project aims to give a voice to these seniors. This project evolves out of the collaboration between Zorgbedrijf Antwerp (an important stakeholder in elderly care in Antwerp) and the department of Health and Care of AP University College.

Join us to make the rich world of elderly in a care home tangible in an emotional, artistic and technological innovative way by creating a transportable ‘living room’. Build creative bridges between the expertise and life of the elderly and their environment (family, caretakers, society) and between the different cultural believes and visions on ageing and elderly care.

Goal? This project should result in a tangible, catchy and attractive outcome that can be used by the two stakeholders in sensitising the public opinion. You will build on the project results of students from the previous academic year and will strengthen these results with your innovative ideas.

Where? At the department of Health and Care of AP University College, obviously in close collaboration with Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen and with Sint Maria care home.

Who? Students with a heart  for creating & participation, with an interest in seniors and with a study background in

  • Health and care
  • Product development
  • ICT
  • Orthopedagogics
  • Electronics (engineering)
  • Communication
  • Teacher training
  • Social work
  • Cross-media design
  • Photography
  • Fine arts

2016-2017 EPS Research poster ‘A sense of home in elderly care’ (compressed version)

Project 2: Industrial distillation process

Context? Install an industrial distillation process that will be used for educational goals in Antwerp. Join us to design and implement this distillation process in laboratory environment in a new campus in Antwerp.

Goal? Install an industrial distillation column and design and program the necessary PID controls. This equipment is part of a state of the art laboratory and will be used in future lessons/projects in this new campus. You have to design and make this application work! You will build on the project results of students from the previous academic year and will strengthen these results with your innovative ideas.

Where? At the new campus in Antwerp, in close collaboration with the study programs of process automation and electromechanical disciplines

Condition? In this project you can combine a hands-on mentality with a theoretical interest and knowledge of industrial equipment. At the end of the project you will be able to show a working distillation process, which is used in a lot of industrial companies. This implicates that you will develop a strong technical background to start working in the industry.

Who? Students with a heart  for science and technology with a study background / interest in

  • Process control
  • Electrical design
  • Automation technology
  • Analysing technical hardware and software

2016-2017 EPS Research poster ‘Industrial distillation process’ (compressed version)

Project 3: Superdiversity in Antwerp city – A Digital Walk

Context? Collaboration with Atlas – Integratie en Inburgering Antwerpen and School zonder Racisme.

Atlas – Integratie en Inburgering Antwerpen is an organization for integration and Dutch courses for recently arrived migrants in Antwerpen. Within Atlas, the team ‘Publiekswerking’ works on sensitization towards Antwerp society about migration and diversity (www.atlas-antwerpen.be).

School zonder Racisme organizes trainings and workshops for high schools on the topics of migration, diversity, active world and citizenship, discrimination and racism (www.schoolzonderracisme.be).

Goal? Develop an innovative, digital tour / city rally for high schools on superdiversity in the city of Antwerp as part of the education branch of Atlas and School zonder Racisme and within their broader goal of active and world citizenship trainings on migration, intercultural learning and diversity. Film interviews with locals, gather statistical data on the socio-economic reality of the neighborhood, the history of local migrant groups and their view on society and living together, develop practical assignments and make all this information accessible through (for example) QR-codes for student groups that take this digital walk.

Where? In close collaboration with Atlas vzw – Integratie en Inburgering Antwerpen, Carnotstraat 110, 2060 Antwerpen (5 minutes from Central Station Antwerpen).

Who? Students with a heart for, and a study background in

  • ICT-electronics
  • Product development
  • Teacher training
  • Social work
  • Political and social sciences
  • Communication management
  • Cross-media design
  • Photography
  • Fine arts

2016-2017 EPS Research poster ‘Superdiversity in Antwerp city – A Digital Walk’

Project 4: LoRaWAN – Introducing the ‘Internet of Things’ in Port of Antwerp

Context? The promise of an Internet of Things (IoT), a world in which all objects communicate with each other wirelessly and ubiquitously, has been announced for several years. With this, everyday objects are transformed into intelligent, connected objects. It is expected that an estimated 25 billion objects will exist by 2025. Despite these forecasts, actual applications are limited today. This gives rise to the question: “is IoT is a true revolution or just a hype?” This project wants to investigate whether the state of the art technologies in IoT are able to meet actual needs of businesses and industries and what challenges lie ahead in doing so.

Goal? LoRaWAN (Long Rage Wide Area Network) is an open standard which supports positioning to monitor moving objects such as children, pets, casualty victims, containers, emergency vehicles and so on. We want to investigate whether LoRaWAN is able to support real time monitoring and whether we can use the existing infrastructure for these purposes. That is why we want to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) that is able to track movements of containers within the docks of Port of Antwerp. We believe that this use-case will present significant challenges related to distance, complexity, climate and disturbances. Our research will answer the question whether IoT could be a true revolution. If successful, we can help organisations implement IoT.

Where? In Antwerp, in collaboration with Port of Antwerp and the study program Electronics-ICT.

Who? Students with a heart  for technology and with a study background in

  • Electronics (engineering)
  • Computer science
  • Product development
  • Design
  • Communication
  • Business
  • Logistics management

2016-2017 EPS Research poster LoRaWAN – ‘Introducing the ‘Internet of Things’ in Port of Antwerp’

Project 5: Mobile learning game for Antwerp’s Port Center

Context? Invent and design a GGULIVRR game in Antwerp’s Port Center (with its in- and outside exhibition of 2.000 m²) to give young adults a unique view on what the life in this port really is. Let young adults by playing this game experience port-related profession, discover maritime business and virtually stroll along the big items in Antwerp’s Port Center maritime garden. Let them feel how it is to be in a lifeboat, let them get impressed by the size of a ship motor or let them act as a dock pilot.

Interested? Find online more background information on GGULIVRR:

Goal? You and your team members will conceptualize and create an innovative mobile learning game tailored to young adults who are visiting Antwerp’s Port Center.

Where? At Antwerp’s Port Center and AP’s hypermodern Campus Spoor Noord (in which different study programmes – such as Applied Informatics, ICT-Electronics, Teacher Training and Graphical and Digital Design – that are relevant for your project are being offered).

Condition? Think Exhibition 8.0! Do you want a challenge? Make Antwerp’s Port Center an even more popular destination for school visits.

Who? Students with a  for, and a study background in:

  • ICT-electronics and Applied informatics
  • Teacher training
  • Communication, Marketing, Product placement
  • Graphical and digital/Multimedia design
  • Product development

2016-2017 EPS Research poster ‘Mobile learning game for Antwerp’s Port Center’