The team

EPS coordinator

Geert Marrin (AP University College Antwerp) is  – since October 2012 – international coordinator of the department of Education and AP’s coordinator of the European Project Semester. He has a professional background in both politics and organizations working on poverty alleviation.

In politics, he was active on both the Belgian and Flemish levels. On the Belgian level he focused on the policy of Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Economy. On the Flemish level he became spokesman of the Flemish minister of Culture, Youth, Sports and Brussels. Both before and after his professional time in politics, he was a spokesman and lobbyist for organizations working on poverty alleviation.

Administration incoming students

Annelies Verstraeten
AP international office / Erasmus student Counsellor

T + 32 3 220 57 35
F + 32 3 220 55 19

Lange Nieuwstraat 101, B-2000 Antwerp

You can find more information on the AP website: and on

Departmental International coordinators

Department of Education and Training
Bie Dirkx & Marnix Van Roosbroeck
Campus Spoor Noord, Noorderplaats 2, 2000 Antwerpen
E: –
Department of Health and Social Care
Katrien Meys
Campus Spoor Noord, Noorderplaats 2, 2000 Antwerpen
Department of Management and Communication
Stephanie Goovaerts
Meistraat 5, 2000 Antwerpen
Department of Science and Technology
Campus Spoor Noord, Ellermanstraat 33, 2060 Antwerpen
Coordinator per study programme:
Royal Academy of Fine Arts
Sonja Spee / Faby van Grimbergen
Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerpen
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp
Annelies Carbonnelle
Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerpen

Technical experts/Project coaches 

Frederik Picard is owner and CEO of marketing & communications agency Reputations and parttime marketing lecturer at AP University College Antwerp. He’s specialised in market research, brand strategy and digital marketing. The past 15 years he worked out dozens of marketing strategies for large companies and non-profit organisations. As a true people manager Frederik succeeds in persuading employees and students to believe in new stories and makes them ambassadors of new strategies.

Hiram Bollaert is a lecturer at the AP University College Antwerp. He obtained a Master of Mathematics at the University of Antwerp and is teaching statistics, financial algebra and data mining. In 2010 he started the GGULIVRR project (Generic Game for Ubiquitous Learning in an Interactive Virtual and Real reality) that organizes recurring international events during which international and interdisciplinary teams of students create contextual mobile learning games. Hiram combines his creativity with the expertise in mobile gaming, build up through coaching many teams, in his role as EPS supervisor.

Hilde Van himbeeck holds a graduation degree in Social Work  and a postgraduate degree in counseling skills (supervision, intervision, coaching) of AP University College Antwerp.  Since 2000 she is a lector at that same University College in the department Health and Social Care, training Social Work.  She teaches ‘Project-management’, ‘Time-management’ and ’Social Skills’ and supervises and coaches several groups of students. Each year she organizes together with students  several  social projects commissioned by the professional social field.  In the past a lot of them took place in other European cities.  Since 2012 she is involved as a supervisor and teacher in the EPS-program.

Katrijn Van Loock (AP University College Antwerp) holds a master in psychology and person-centered psychotherapy. Since 2012 she works as a lecturer and researcher at the AP University College for the department of Health and Social care. She is teaching research skills and movement and body expression. Since 2014 worked as a researcher in the project: a sense of home in elderly care. For this project she has been working with a variety of elderly people in different care homes. She has a wide interest in innovation and creative work.

Lieven Vercauteren holds a graduation degree in Applied Communication and a master in psychology. He is an internationally licensed integrative psychotherapist. Since 2001 he is a lector at the AP University College in the department Education and Training.  He teaches (Intercultural) Communication, Cultural Knowledge, Self-awareness and Group Dynamics. He also supervises and coaches several (groups of) students. He loves to learn new things, specifically on human growth on all levels. He has more fields of interests then he chooses to makes time for.

Pascale Mast holds a Master degree of Civil Engineering Technology and has a background of Project Management, Calculation and Development in a construction company before becoming a teacher trainer.  She is a member of the teaching staff in AP’s department of Education & Training. Her core business is teacher training in technology and civil technology, including supervision of Internship and bachelor theses.  She is currently involved in a scientific research project “Co-profs in STEM”, a project in which she coaches teacher design teams in primary schools to develop STEM materials. She is one of the founding members of the project ‘Studio-T’ in which kids from the age of ten till twelve work on technology projects on Wednesdays.

Tom Peeters (AP University College Antwerp) and teaches various courses in software and web development. He obtained a Master of Electronics and ICT Engineering and has worked as a software engineer and project manager at Agfa-Gevaert NV for several years. He has given international guest lectures in Finland (Oulu), and is currently also research and internationalisation coordinator for Electronics-ICT in the Science and Technics department.

Student services at AP University College Antwerp

Stuvo AP offers you a wide range of possibilities to relax and enjoy your stay at AP University College Antwerp. You can enjoy many sports or cultural activities at reduced cost. More information will be given on the introduction day.

Furthermore you can visit their website or pass by after your arrival in Antwerp. You can find them at Campus Lange Nieuwstraat, Lange Nieuwstraat 101, 2000 Antwerp.